Czech Technical University in Prague

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) experienced with mechanical engineering all phases of its development starting from the onset of the industrial revolution up to the present time and often paid here an active role. The 17 Faculty departments cover the entire sphere of mechanical engineering from mathematics and physics over materials and technologies up to individual types of machines and processes and enterprise economics. The Department of Production Machines and Equipment (RCMT) is a highly professional and well-equipped institute acting as an educational and training facility and a research base for the Czech machine tool industry. Research and technical support for the industry is in the foreground of RCMT activities. The research program is divided into three main fields:

  • Research of design and properties of productive, reliable and precise machine tools
  • Research of automation and robotic applications in manufacturing processes
  • Research in productive manufacturing processes where RCMT provides customized research, development and training for the industry and comprehensive support for machine tool development.

CTU has established a Testbed for Industry 4.0 as a learning factory for education, training and research and has two master programs related to manufacturing and Industry 4.0 topics. CTU also includes National center for Industry 4.0 (NCP4.0), an open academic-industrial platform connecting innovation leaders, universities, companies and professional organizations. Thus, CTU serves as a local hub for Central Europe and piloting partners.

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